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hey, remember me?

News of the FTOTZ officially folding gave me a slight case of Internet nostalgia. Work and other life stuff keeps me busy enough that it's hard for me to check in these days. But it occurs to me that maybe LJ would be a good venue to occasionally share, vent, and think through some of exciting adventures lately. (And by that I mean literally, a lot of cool, positive life-transforming stuff that has happened as of late, but also "exciting" as in "holy shit, how did I survive THAT?")

So anyway. Still a special ed teacher. This is Year 4, and I feel like I finally know what I'm doing. TRYING to write a novel, although it's slow going. My ADHD kinda exploded, but that led to me getting it officially diagnosed and ultimately learn strategies to work around it. And, for better or worse, I am still an UberSamantha.

Will try to update more. In the meantime, love and warm thoughts. - Chad
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Hey writers...

Does anyone have suggestions for good online writers' resources? I'm dabbling with a fantasy novel idea I've had for a while, and feel like it would be nice to see what's out there. Thanks in advance!
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My cat is weird.

I think Buffy barked a little while ago. (Technically, I believe it was a sneeze -- but an eerily barklike sneeze that sounded like nothing that should ever come out of a cat's mouth.)

(Hee, I'm looking at my Big Poppa icon, and I wonder if Buffy's dearly departed big brother is doing his best Whoopi Goldberg: "Person who fed me -- you're in danger, girl!"
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Slutty, Slutty, Slutty!

Thank you Top American Designer Michael Kors for providing the perfect three words to describe what has so far been an eventful and productive weekend. And to think it's not even 1:30 on Saturday afternoon yet.
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ComicCon 2009 in Review

I too went to ComicCon!


* During the Women in Sci-Fi panel, I asked the panel how long they thought it would take for there to be a similar panel about kickass gays and lesbians in sci-fi. Hollywood Royalty Ms. Sigourney Weaver (!!!) answered my question very thought-provokingly, and ... honestly, I don't remember what she said exactly because SIGOURNEY EFFING WEAVER talked to me! I was totally starstruck. Also during that panel, I decided that Zoe Seldana would be PERFECT for Wonder Woman. Oh sure, fanboys would pitch a hissyfit over a woman of color in the role, but mark my words -- cast her, and then show 15 minutes of Zoe as WW at ComicCon, and *everyone* will be on board for that casting. Ooooh, I also learned that Eliza kinda needs to get over herself a little bit.

* Thurs night, I caught a screening of the Green Lantern animated film and Trick R Treat, a horror anthology film. Both were fantastic. I can't recommend either enough. Trick R Treat stars Anna Paquin, Tamoh Pinnekehottie, and a couple of Hey!It'sThatGuys, and reminds me a bit of 3-4 really awesome interconnected Tales from the Crypt segments. If you like old school, 80s humor/horror, this is totally for you.

* The Warner Bros. panel included previews of Where the Wild Things Are, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake starring Jackie Earle Haley as Freddie, The Book of Eli, The Box, Jonah Hex, and Sherlock Holmes. I agree with swsa -- the WtWTA footage made me cry. They seemed to have done it in such a way where the kid in it is an actual kid, and not a typical smartass Macauley in Home Alone stand-in that EVERY children's movie features. I know the movie has had some bad buzz around it, but I can't help but think that's because the studio wanted the same kind of vibe that recent children's books adaptations have (i.e. all the Seuss abominations) and that's not what they got. We shall see...

* From the same panel, The Box looks like another hot mess, and I feel sorry for Richard Kelly (but I'd still hit that in a HEARTBEAT). Megan Fox, on the other hand, did NOT look hot in person. V.v. disappointing. And swsa, I wonder if this is why Jude wasn't at the panel? Oh yeah, the new Nightmare looks creepy as FUCK. Plus, it stars Beaver from Veronica Mars!

* On Saturday, I saw Scott Wolf, the space whore from Firefly, Ian Sommerholder, and fucking CARROT TOP in a hotel lobby. The first three, I assume, were chilling before their respective panels. Why CT was there I'm not sure. Probably to give me nightmares.

* I missed the V panel to catch Glee. And as many good things I've heard about V, I'm glad I did. They showed the second episode, and it was 3 times better than the pilot. I'm telling y'all right now, I foresee myself becoming as big of a Glee fangirl as I ever was for Buffy.

* On Saturday night, I ended up chilling w/my pal Wendi, her BF, and some of his pals at their hotel's bar. After I had imbibed a few, in walks STAN FREAKING LEE. Him walking into one of the LBTG in Comics panels was one of 2008's highlights for me, so I was thrilled to see him in the wild, so to speak. I offered to buy him a drink -- after all, his comic books made up such an integral part of my childhood -- but he politely declined, saying he already had 5. Cool.

* Ooooh, I almost forgot. At the Human Target panel, I think I pissed off Mark Valley when I asked him about playing Jack Deveraux on Days of Our Lives. Ooops! *tee hee*
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Comic Con!!!

So I've had a super-enjoyable summer so far. A trip home and to Miami, R&R, sleeping in, and some workshops. Fun! Really looking forward to Comic Con and San Diego, of course. Here's is my tentative schedule.

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